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Founded in 1978 as Metro Mark Realtors by Dick Van Cleef, Margaret Ann Cheek, and Kent Hoffman, Metro Mark is the oldest locally and independently owned brokerage in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. In 2001 with Dick Van Cleef as the sole owner, he retired after 31 years in the industry. He sold the brokerage at that time to Patti and Dick Marshall and Beverly and Wayne Hamilton. During this transition, the brokerage continued to grow and establish itself as a fixture in not only the industry but also within the City of Nichols Hills. In 2015, Dick and Patti Marshall excitedly purchased the company and enjoyed several years of both owning and now managing the brokerage. Most recently, in October of 2020 it was announced internally that Metro Mark Realtors was again gaining new ownership, this time with Amanda Kirkpatrick-Lawler and Cole Strickland taking the reins, and Amanda stepping into the role of Managing Broker. Patti and Dick Marshall have remained as active and invaluable members of the Metro Mark family as Agent and Broker Associate. During a recent interview, both Patti and Dick expressed how proud of Amanda and Cole they are and how smoothly they feel the overall transition was executed.

Metro Mark

Refreshing A Legacy

Before acquiring Metro Mark, Amanda and Cole completed about a year's long research and inquiry into the possibility of purchasing the brokerage. This research included company history, policy books, commission structures, training structures from various brokerages. They also evaluated what it would mean to partner with a bigger franchise. What they concluded is that it just doesn’t make sense for the Oklahoma City community. Amanda and Cole decided that first and foremost, they wanted to keep the foundation of Metro Mark what it has been from the very beginning and that is a locally owned company.

Once the decision to purchase was made, Amanda and Cole embarked on the path of what they call “Refreshing A Legacy.” They started an ongoing partnership with a local marketing company and hit the ground running. The internal structure of the business has remained the same with the goal of simply adding to the strong foundation of the business.

The updating and rebranding efforts included changing the name of the business to Metro Mark Real Estate, defining the mission statement and values of the company, updating the company’s previous green color to something brighter and fresher, the creation of a new logo, new real estate signs, a new website, new tools and technology, and many other exciting updates.

The 35 agents and broker associates within Metro Mark were also able to participate in the rebranding efforts by helping select the final sign design and color, as well as provide feedback on items they felt were important during this time. In addition to the rebranding efforts, the office has been undergoing a few changes to the space to create an even more inviting and collaborative space.

Defining A Company

As the new owners of Metro Mark Real Estate, Amanda and Cole wanted to make sure to define the overall philosophy of the brokerage as they move into the future. Through collaboration and many meaningful conversations, they decided on the following:

Mission Statement

To cultivate meaningful relationships with current and future residents of the OKC metro area, and serve as a reliable and trusted real estate advisor.


We are Local. As a locally owned and operated company, we seek to serve and better the areas in which we live and work through real estate. We utilize our knowledge and passion for the Oklahoma City metro area to work with our clients as not only their trusted advisor but also their neighbor.

We are Relationship Driven. We believe in the idea, people above all else. The relationships we have with our clients, peers, and industry partners are the key focus of our everyday business. We build our relationships on a foundation of clear and timely communication, mutual respect, and integrity.

We are Professionals. We believe in excellence through experience and education. In order to provide the desired experience and value to our clients, we must push the envelope of continued professional growth. As Metro Mark agents, we seek out opportunities to strengthen our weaknesses, share the insight we have gained with our colleagues, and hold each other accountable to our collective standards.

This philosophy is the guiding light of not only why Metro Mark exists to serve your real estate needs but how they serve you.

Neighbors, Community, and Family

Neighbors, Community, and Family

For over 30 years, the Metro Mark Real Estate office has been proudly located in the heart of the City of Nichols Hills. During this time they have been actively involved within the community and witnessed the growth in Nichols Hills Plaza. As several of the agents at Metro Mark live or have grown up in Nichols Hills, when you work with a Metro Mark agent, they have specific insight and close relationships with the City of Nichols Hills itself. This empowers these agents to effectively advocate for those who are buying and selling.

If you have ever worked with an agent or broker from Metro Mark, whether as a client or another industry professional, the chances are you felt as if you were working with a good friend. Over the years, the brokerage has seen at least 5 associates that have been selected as “The Most Cooperative Realtors®” by their fellow Realtors®.

This is a great testimony to the type of cooperative environment that is fostered within the brokerage. Real Estate is a collegial business in that you are dependent on other agents and associates in order to truly be successful, and at Metro Mark, they want to foster success.

Working at Metro Mark you become part of a family. As Cole stated recently, “You join because you know what you are walking into. Usually, most people who join have had an experience with another Metro Mark agent and they can just sense the environment.” At Metro Mark they are setting the stage for success for their agents from the ground floor by giving them tools, knowledge, and the confidence to grow their individual brands within the company.

When you go to choose your next real estate agent to help you buy or sell a property, just remember that Metro Mark agents are focused on serving their clients and fostering positive relationships long after the transaction is over. A Metro Mark agent is someone you can always call on, the same as you would a close neighbor. Amanda put it best when she once said, “Where we live is relationship-driven. What we do is relationship-driven. So as a company, we will always be relationship-driven.”